Category: Javascript calculate distance between two addresses

Javascript calculate distance between two addresses

If we know the addresses, we can go to either Google Maps or Bing Maps and type them out to find the distance and travel time. But what if you are building some model or calculator and want to find out the distance, travel time, address points latitude, longitude and may be even distance matrix given two sets of points, all distances between them?

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The API key process is somewhat technical and can be confusing. Plus for Google Maps API, you need to provide your credit card details according to Google, you will not be billed automatically though.

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I made a small video explaining the process. Watch it below or on our YouTube channel. For example, you can calculate travel time between all your warehouses and customer locations easily. For Bing maps API, we need address to be broken in to below pieces. Before calculating the distance, we need to know where on earth our addresses are. To do this, we call. All rights reserved. This API cannot be accessed and the content and any results may not be used, reproduced or transmitted in any manner without express written permission from Microsoft Corporation.

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The default output values are in KM for distance and minutes for duration. Please read the Bing maps developer documentation for more. Click here to download distance, travel time calculator template to see all these formulas in action.

You must enter your API key to get it work. Examine the formulas and XML formats to learn more about how these APIs work and how to integrate them to your spreadsheet models.

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This year I have a feast for you. I hid 20 Easter Eggs in this workbook. Go ahead and find them.Both Google and Bing maps are incredibly useful tools. The APIs they have opened to developers offer an amazing ability to add value to the solutions we provide.

This article shows how I used some of the Google Map APIs to help office staff work out how to best route mobile staff during their working day. When you have a team of staff on the road, working from cars and vans, they generally fit into one of two categories.

Those that are heavily pre-planned say commercial transport delivery vehiclesand those that have an aspect of planning but need to adjust during the day as needs change demands require. Its this last one we are interested in for this article. Take for example plumbers - sure, they have planned jobs during the day, however, in a big city and a busy service company, there may be multiple emergencies, burst pipes, water leaks etc during the day that need to be prioritized and transport routes carefully, but quickly planned out.

One of the methods used to decide where to send personnel is a triage system that asks three questions:. The code I am going to describe, allows the user to input the current location of a remote worker, and a list of different 'emergency call out' destinations. Using Google maps, we will be able to display to the user the distance the worker is from each location, and the time it will take them to get to each.

Using this knowledge, they can make better decisions about what call-out job to prioritize with what remote worker. This comprised:. You can see that using all of the information above, combined with the data we are able to get from a mapping API can allow us to do some very useful and time saving things in a solution.

You may find that article useful to give you other ideas for functionality. In order to get started, you will need to set yourself up with a Google API key. The signup process is very simple, and really, unless you are doing this in large volumes there is no charge.

At the time of writing this article you can get 25, map loads free per every 24 hours of usage - pretty generous, and if you need more than this, I'm sure someone somewhere is paying, so you can get a commercial license. Heres the basics of how to get yourself a license key I can't for obvious reasons let you have mine : Getting a key is really simple I have written the code for the article in ASP. In the index. To understand the basics, lets go to demo 1.

Here we will look at setting up a Google map, and using the API to request a route and distance between two points on a map. The first thing we will do is setup the HTML and layout the page. The page has a map, and two input boxes, allowing the user to enter the location where they are starting, and the location or destination they want to go to. To save typing in testing ever lazy! The rests of the code is all in the script section.

Here is where we start to use that API key we generated earlier:. The first thing we do is set up some Javascript variables. These will contain values we use when calling the Map API.Log In. Skip, Just traded in my old subtlety Thank you for helping keep Tek-Tips Forums free from inappropriate posts.

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javascript calculate distance between two addresses

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javascript calculate distance between two addresses

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Students Click Here. I am using Access and am developing a form where the user provides a full address - street number, street name, city, province and postal code. I want a control to calculate the distance from this address and a fixed address.

I'm not sure where to start. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Are you looking for as the crow flies or by driving on roads?

javascript calculate distance between two addresses

Thanks Duane. I do not know if it will be 'as the crow flies' or a distance by roads.The Distance Matrix API is a service that provides travel distance and time for a matrix of origins and destinations.

The API returns information based on the recommended route between start and end points, as calculated by the Google Maps API, and consists of rows containing duration and distance values for each pair. Note: This service does not return detailed route information. Route information can be obtained by passing the desired single origin and destination to the Directions API. This document is intended for developers who wish to compute travel distance and time between a number of points within maps provided by one of the Google Maps APIs.

It provides an introduction to using the API and reference material on the available parameters. Before you start developing with the Distance Matrix API, review the authentication requirements you need an API key and the API usage and billing information you need to enable billing on your project. Note : URLs must be properly encoded to be valid and are limited to characters for all web services.

Be aware of this limit when constructing your URLs. Note that different browsers, proxies, and servers may have different URL character limits as well. Security is important and HTTPS is recommended whenever possible, especially for applications that include sensitive user data, such as a user's location, in requests. Using HTTPS encryption makes your application more secure, and more resistant to snooping or tampering.

Certain parameters are required while others are optional. Get more information on authentication parameters for Premium Plan customers. Note: If departure time is not specified, choice of route and duration are based on road network and average time-independent traffic conditions. Results for a given request may vary over time due to changes in the road network, updated average traffic conditions, and the distributed nature of the service. Results may also vary between nearly-equivalent routes at any time or frequency.

The number of origins times the number of destinations defines the number of elements. For the calculation of distances, you may specify the transportation mode to use. By default, distances are calculated for driving mode. The following travel modes are supported:. Distances may be calculated that adhere to certain restrictions. Restrictions are indicated by use of the avoid parameter, and an argument to that parameter indicating the restriction to avoid.

Calculate travel time and distance between two addresses using Excel + Maps API

The following restrictions are supported:. Distance Matrix results contain text within distance fields to indicate the distance of the calculated route. The unit system to use can be specified:. The distance fields also contain values which are always expressed in meters.

Note that these results generally need to be parsed if you wish to extract values from the results. Parsing JSON is relatively easy. We recommend that you use json as the preferred output flag unless your service requires xml for some reason.

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Processing XML trees requires some care, so that you reference proper nodes and elements. The status fields within the response object contain the status of the request, and may contain useful debugging information.I apologize for leaving this out of the instructions.

Back on October ofI posted this blog - with an Excel download. The file calculated distances between a base address and a list of addresses.

As I explained at the time, it was used for a marketing report for one of my clients. They wanted to know how far their customers were driving to get to them and from where.

Since then, I've had a LOT of people download the file. A few reasons for this. All of that has been addressed and a few other items adjusted as well.

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I'm not going through the code here. My current workload doesn't allow me to.

javascript calculate distance between two addresses

But you can go into the code when you download it and I have a few items commented in the code. And if you can't do any of that, no worries. I hope the code was helpful. I'll be adding to it. I'll have a json parser and also code to have multiple origin and destination distances. And I'll document the code a bit more. Thank you Marilyn… I received your email.

I will respond to your email. I added my google api key.

Excel VBA Calculate distance between two addresses or coordinates

But just to verify, did you connect your account to a billing account? There has to be billing information available. Hey Matthew — was all geeked to use this, but keep getting Not Responding when I run it, even if I just have one address in there.

More often than not, that has been the big issue people face. This is the question that comes up most often. Thanks again. Hey Mr. I work for a family business very small time but sometimes tedious. Managed to so far find the distance for one address at a time. Baby steps. Any and all help would be appreciated! Thanks for reaching out. You should be able to put your source address at the top and a series of addresses to retrieve distances.The Distance Matrix API is a service that provides travel distance and time for a matrix of origins and destinations, based on the recommended route between start and end points.

Try it!

Android app to Track your location using Google Map API

The response includes the distance and duration between the specified origins and destinations. View the developer's guide for more information about building request URLs and available parameters and understanding the response. Client libraries make developing with the Google Maps web service APIs easier by providing simple, native implementations of common tasks, such as authentication, request throttling and automatic retry.

Review the usage and billing page for details on the quotas and pricing set for the Distance Matrix API. The Distance Matrix API developer guide is intended for developers who wish to compute travel distance and time between a number of points within maps provided by one of the Google Maps APIs. It provides an introduction to using the API and reference material on the available parameters.

Except as otherwise noted, the content of this page is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4. For details, see the Google Developers Site Policies.

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Routes Directions API. Places Places API. Web Services. Get started Contact sales. Guides Support. Policies and Terms.Ever wanted to calculate the distance between two addresses in Excel? Of course open Google Maps and type each location one by one… and then choose the shortest connection. A simple example below. We want to get there by bicycle.

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Copy this link into your browser:. Want to quickly test the Google API? Below a simple form for building a quick Distance URL. Taking into account the elliptic nature of Mother Earth you can easily calculate the distance between coordinates without using Google API. The function returns the distance and using the unit variable you can state if you want the function to return the distance in Kilometres "K"Miles "M" or even nautical miles "N". To get Google Maps distance between two coordinates simply use the same GetDistance function as above and replace the start and dest parameters with the coordinates in this format:.

Important: Please remember that you need a direct Internet connection! Not via proxy etc. Follow the steps:. Make sure to replace ; with your default formula list separator e. By using our GetDistance function we can get the distance between any number of locations using the Visual Basic procedure below:.

And here is the output: Get Google Maps distance between multiple addresses. Similarly by using our GetDuration function we can get the duration between any number of locations using the Visual Basic procedure below:. So beware of any mass recalculation of these functions as you may quickly find yourself exceeding these limits.

Having trouble with matching a large dataset with distances and durations? Reach out for a free quote. You can download an example of the above below and support AnalystCave. Need help with calculating the distance between two addresses using the approach above?

Feel free to comment below or ask a new Question via Questions page. Want to get the geolocation coordinates of any address? Excel: Get geolocation coordinates of any address Want to add maps and other cool Google Charts in Excel?

Excel: Google Translate functionality. Warning — no the world is not flat as opposed to what the Flat Earch Society is stating. Read more here. Is the function returning -1 or simply not working properly? Be sure you have a direct Internet connection! Does not work on MAC! This key identifies your application for purposes of quota management.

Learn how to get a key from the Google Developers Console. Valid values and other request details are specified in the Travel Modes section of this document. Other modes: driving default for road network.

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